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Laura Melià

Psychologist, nomad at heart,
and psychology freak.

I left my  Biotechnology studies (I love genetics) to get closer to something with more meaning for me, which would lead me to connect with people, understand what makes them suffer, and be happy, that is, psychology. It was the best decision of my life. Later, my urgent need to explore the world led me to live in different countries, and I have been seeing patients from different backgrounds and cultures for years. Among them are the students of the Berklee School of Music and other American universities. In turn, I started a path of self-knowledge through training in Humanist Therapy. My process has allowed me to deepen myself, to live better, and why not, to be a better therapist. I drink from many streams of therapy and use a practical, solution-focused approach with a humanistic background. I am thrilled to fill my life with meaning by supporting other people, and I hope to accompany you on your path.


Oscar M. Hartlöhner

Passionate about psychology and eager to share this passion.

Hi there! I’m a General Health Psychologist with Gestalt therapy training on top of it. More than that, I’m an extremely curious person, constantly learning new stuff from the most varied topics. Even though my life has been pretty eclectic, my passion for psychology and people has always been in my heart.
Being quite shy during my teenage years, I started wondering how people relate to each other. Following my desire to understand myself and others better, I went through many books on psychology which blew my mind and ignited a passion that led me to choose it as a career. After all these years of studying and putting it into practice, I can say it’s truly a remarkable tool that has the potential to improve one’s life radically. Now I’ve made it my life goal to share its benefits by becoming a psychotherapist. With my knowledge on the topic and your knowledge about your own life, we can help you achieve a more free, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

We are The Therapy Project

Our passion for life (and psychology).

We are two people who have always lived around the world with psychology in our veins. After many years of travel, study, and work, this project was born from our passion for therapy and people. Now that we (finally) coincide in the same place, we have got down to work to offer a fresh, lighthearted, and love-based psychology service focused on creating the project of your life through therapy.

We are here for you. 

Not to brag about it but our clients say this about us:

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