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Personal growth as a tool

Psychological therapy focused on personal growth.

Find a therapist in Valencia and get closer to your true essence on a journey of inner exploration that will allow you to know yourself on another level.

Personal growth as a method of evolution and improvement

Sometimes we get stuck. We reach a point where we feel that we are not making progress in any aspect. We are distressed as we think that everyone is advancing except us. Through personal growth, exploring who we really are, we can feel freer from old habits and lead our lives in a fuller and more purposeful way.

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Do you feel related?

Do you feel stuck? Don’t have goals, objectives, or dreams? Or do you find yourself unable to reach them no matter how hard you try?
By knowing yourself better, you will be able to resolve these existential doubts coherently with who you really are at this point in your life.
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I dedicate my life to helping people live more conscious and authentic lives. This project stems from our deep conviction that all people, including you, can live whole and meaningful lives.

Laura MeliàPsychologist

Together we’ll explore what makes you YOU. Acknowledging and integrating all your different qualities and values to help you live a richer, more coherent, and fulfilling life.

Oscar M. HartlöhnerPsychologist

How will we help you in your personal growth?

Choose whatever fits your needs

Find out what we can do for you.

Individual Therapy

60€ per Session

English & Spanish

How can personal growth be helpful to you?

Day by day

Don’t waste time on matters that don’t matter to you – stop chasing the white rabbit. By knowing yourself better, you will live your day to day in a more conscious and complete way. Opening new and exciting paths.

Growth zone

Get out of your comfort zone easily and safely. More awareness will involve taking steps in new directions yet to be discovered. We will accompany you while you dip your toes in these uncharted territories.


Little by little you will notice how you appreciate yourself more for who you are, without so much suffering. This updated and realistic view of yourself will give you more freedom to be in the world.

A fuller life

All this will be reflected in all areas of your life, with more authentic and meaningful relationships, a vital purpose in line with your values, and a new respect and more appreciation for your body and identity.

Any doubts? No problemo.

Here we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have and might interest you. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. No strings attached!

How to begin your personal growth journey?

It’s as easy as wanting to know yourself better to live a more authentic life and contacting us to start your journey.

What is personal growth?

Personal growth therapy focuses on you and your needs. Using an approach based on Gestalt therapy, we will explore your life’s history and your way of living the world to find what is closest to your values ​​and what you want in your life.

What makes us different?

We also go to therapy, and we started a process of discovery and personal growth years ago. We know what it feels like! Through our life experience, we have been able to meet a wide range of ways of living, and we understand that each of us has our own unique and singular life path.

But, who are we?

We are two psychologists from Valencia, passionate about their profession, dreaming of helping others on this journey that is life. We live for this. It’s our life purpose!

Is it expensive?

It is a gift that you give yourself. A process that will last as long as you want. This is from you to you. From this process, your life will acquire new ranges of color and interesting textures that will make it richer and more meaningful. In the end, it is an investment in yourself that will pay off.

Where are we located?

We are based in the centric neighborhood of Ruzafa, in the capital of Valencia, an area full of life with a multicultural and modern environment conducive to growth. And a view of the local food market!

We are also everywhere because we see people from all over the world.

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