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Build the project of your life with therapy.

We offer individual and group therapy, from a proactive and practical approach. Come meet our team of pyschologist in Valencia. We’ll work alongside you to develop a personalized therapeutic plan that will help you build the life you want.

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Psychological Therapy

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Personal Growth

What we can do:

We can help you with:
Relationship Issues
Personal Growth
Emotional Regulation
Change of Habits

We are The Therapy Project

Meet our team of Psychologist in Valencia


Oscar M. Hartlöhner

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Welcome to your therapy project! Come work with us towards building a better life for youself. We'll assess your needs in a friendly and professional setting. We'll work together to plan a therapeutic approach that's valuable for you. Based on your needs, we'll share with you practical tools and knowledge so you can start living a more wholesome life in tune with who you are, your values, and your life goals.


Laura Melià

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Hi there! We have been treating international patients from different cultures for a while now, people who have experienced processes of change and migration around the world. Working as a therapists is our passion, and we look forward to helping you on your way to getting closer to who you want to be.

Why begin your Therapy Project right now.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of starting your therapy project with us.

Change the course

You can improve your life, your way of being in the world, and your outlook on the future. We’ve gone through therapy too and experienced its multiple benefits; it can be life-changing. 

Take control

If you feel like life currents are just pushing you, we’ll help you take the reins for a smoother and richer experience, without all the pressure and demands we sometimes put on ourselves.

Find your place

With us, you’ll always feel comfortable and accepted. We’ll help you feel less lonely and misunderstood. We’re also honest, direct, and open. No bullshit here

Are you ready to begin today your Therapy Project?

Contact us. We’ll get to know each other and study how to tackle your particular challenges.

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