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Build your future through psychological therapy

Therapy for global people.

We’ll explore together whichever issue you bring and tailor a therapeutic plan based on current efficacious methods through periodic sessions, whether online or in-person.

 Therapy as an asset for your life project. A means for growth and wellness.

We usually put a lot of effort into many aspects of our life, such as career, personal relationships, fitness and health. But we seldom pay attention to that which holds everything together, our mental health. We’ll help you with that and the benefits will speak for themselves.


Sounds familiar?

Feeling stuck? Dealing with loneliness in your new environment? Experiencing difficulties managing your emotions? Do you need a change? We all go through similar challenges in our lives. It is overwhelming, especially if we’re dealing with too much uncertainty, as moving abroad can feel like.
We can often deal with whatever life throws at us, but sometimes we could use a hand, a different perspective. We’re here for you, to help guide you through the woods and give you the tools to keep going on in a purposeful way that makes sense to you. You’ll get better and achieve your goals.
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To everyone's benefit, psychology has evolved heaps over the last 30 years, so there are many practical therapeutic approaches to most issues we can experience. We all have problems and have to deal with hard times throughout life, most of the time, we can manage on our own, but sometimes we get stuck after we feel like we've tried everything. In these moments, psychotherapy and understanding better how we function can make a massive positive difference.

Oscar M. HartlöhnerPsychologist

There are various paths to wellness, and I firmly believe that therapy is one of them. From our vital project, we are committed to guiding you to understand yourself better, get along better with yourself, change what no longer serves you and overcome fears and barriers from a position of acceptance

Laura MeliàPsychologist

How we will organize your therapy sessions

Choose whatever fits your needs

Find out what we can do for you.

Individual Therapy

60€ per Session

English & Spanish

How can psychological therapy be of help?

Day by day

Whatever we put into practice during sessions will translate to other areas of your life. It’s a project to apply to your daily life.


You’ll find with us a safe space where you can feel comfortable talking about what’s going on. With honesty and affection, we’ll accompany you in the search for solutions.

New winds

Make the most out of your life regardless of where you are. You’ll take the reins of your life and feel like holding the helm instead of just drifting through life. We’ll help you redirect your course in a way that’s meaningful to you.

New vision

If you participate in the process we offer you, we can help you change your life, improve your way of being in the world, and discover a wholesome, empowering, and realistic view of yourself.

Any doubts? No problemo.

Here we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have and might interest you. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. No strings attached!

How do I start my therapy sessions?

It’s as easy as wanting to improve any aspect of your life, such as relationships, career, self-care, emotional landscape, etc… and contacting us! We’ll start a journey together towards a better future.

What do you mean by psychological therapy?

Here at the Therapy Project, we’ve studied and applied different therapeutic methods. We use evidence-based therapy from last generation cognitive therapy to DBT, acceptance, and commitment therapy,… depending on your needs. We utilize these powerful tools while maintaining a therapeutic relationship with you that acknowledges your uniqueness and situation by using a humanistic framework (client-centered therapy).

What makes us different?

We’ve got experience working with people from various parts of the world. Both of us have lived for years in different countries. We know how that feels. We’re also from Valencia, so we can add that cultural perspective while doing therapy in English. We think that our life experiences bring something to the table, especially valuable for people living the “abroad experience.” We offer a refreshing therapy environment that can lift you while also being down to earth.

But, who are we?

We’re two psychologists originally from Valencia who also have an international mindset. We’re passionate about psychology and its benefits and want to share that with you. Being therapists has been our life goal for a long time, and we love it. You can find more about us on the “about us” page.

Is it expensive?

It’s more expensive than a coffee but cheaper than living an unfulfilling life. It’s an investment in yourself. The things you can get out of it will last you a lifetime and drastically improve your relationships, inner peace, emotional landscape, productivity, how you treat yourself, happiness, and fulfillment, among many other benefits.

Where are you located?

We’re based in Ruzafa, a centric neighborhood in Valencia. A space full of life, multiculturally rich, and accessible. Perfect to start your therapy project. And next to the local market and other businesses to fit right in the local life.

We’re also all over the planet since we offer our services to anybody living abroad.

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